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Manchester void energy service

Callum - Sanctuary Housing

TSM have recently taken over from previous supplier for Sanctuary, since day one TSM team have been so helpful in dealing with all matters, each person within the team have been amazing and going above and beyond to help myself and the rest of the team.
Really cannot fault TSM hard work with Sanctuary and we would really be lost without them and would recommend anyone to deal with this company. Thank you,
London void energy service

Danielle - Lettings Manager

TSM (Tenant Saves Money) is an exceptional service provider that I highly recommend.
Their team is always available to assist and responds promptly to any issues related to energy supply that may cause void turnaround delays.
They go above and beyond to ensure their clients are satisfied with their service.
Bristol void energy service

Simon - Head of Operations

Since TSM have been working with us Darren, Neil and the team have been first class.
They take away daily nightmare of reinstating energy to our void properties where required with efficiency and professionalism.
Darren’s monthly updates are detailed and give a great overview of the current energy market as well as keep us up to date with any gains they have made to work with new suppliers. Thank you for as always for all of your hard work!
Northeast void energy service

Zoe - Operations Manager

TSM Void Energy Service has allowed us to streamline the process from the moment our Void Team receives the keys to a void property, allowing our team to use their time more productively.
Zoe Lambert, Operations Manager for Voids at Gentoo Group said: “We’re delighted that the partnership has allowed us to reduce our void turnaround time.

“TSM Void Energy Service have provided a faultless service to the team from day one. They provide a dedicated team who are on hand to resolve issues and quickly turnaround power supplies, meter installs and DPI installations.

“We’re looking forward to the future to see what else we can achieve through this partnership.”
Newcastle void energy service

Lynn - New Tenant

Having recently taken on a new tenancy on a property in Stanley with a housing association, we were faced with a long wait to have a smart meter fixed by an energy company, who were in our opinion, very unprofessional.
Darren from TSM, along with Karbon Homes went beyond their roles to have this issue solved.
Darren was extremely friendly, patient and considerate, as well as professional. Thank you for a brilliant service.
Devon void energy service

Terry - Lead Void Technician

I can not talk highly enough about the service of this company.
As a person who used to do all the leg work of sorting out energy suppliers for my company, they have helped me so much.
Always came up with the goods. The phone and email service has always been very good. I would recommend them to anybody.
Leicester void energy service

Wayne - Repairs Manager

Darren, Neil and the TSM team have made a huge difference to the amount of time previously spent trying to resolve meter & supply issues in our void properties. In the past we could have had team members on the phone for hours at a time trying to resolve issues this all disappeared when we started our journey with TSM over a year ago.

The support is excellent whether via phone or email with staff that are actually invested in helping resolve any issues that arise. A refreshing change to dealing directly with utility suppliers that seem to have little interest in resolving issues.
The TSM team keep us up to date with monthly reports, billing and give us regular updates on the best deals and options available.

We have recently switched supplier to enable smart meters to be installed in all our void properties, the transition was smooth and hassle free with TSM happy to pick all the leg work.

Based on our experience so far we definitely would not want to go back to dealing with utility companies direct and have signed up to work with TSM for the next 3-5 years.
Westminster void energy management

Max - Housing Repairs & Planned Maintenance

Great business to deal with always amenable, proactive problem solving has helped are void delivery no end.
Exeter void energy service

Mark - Responsive Repairs Lead

We have worked with tenant save money for several years now. Using them for all our council void property gas and electricity issues.
This ranges from smart meter install at void, RTI codes, clearing debts and the dreaded blank screen etc.
They have been fundamental in reducing or key to key times.
We would not want to be without Neil, Darren and their friendly helpful team. Brilliant!
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